new material will come soon. promise.

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My second vinyl lp will be out later this year on the very awesome danish label Subsuburban. Limited, awesome artwork, coloured vinyl. Pretty much all you need. Will announce some tracks and other great stuff in the coming months.

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I’ve started jamming some tunes under another moniker, Metro Riders. Songs for commuting maybe one should say. Anyway, here’s one fresh self titled track:

On facebook aswell:

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I am currently in the process of assembling new material for upcoming releases. I’ll hopefully release two new tapes early next year. More info soon.

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New lower price! Come on. Super nice.


Fluorescent Heights tote bag! Limited to 25 units!
Natural coloured tote bag. 100% cotton.
Please select your option below, shipping included. 


Sweden — 6 euro

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Europe — 8 euro

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  

Rest of the world — 10 euro

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Namaste reader, first above, then below. Tidal Motions from the onset is leagues under the sea. Ambient sonar pings against your waking dream thoughts, sunlight diffracting through the surface with a diffuse Age of Aquarius awareness. Echoing guitars ripple across calm waters as operatic single consciousness arises. The ebb is now your flow and the rigid becomes your ease.

Another in this aquatic series, Tidal Motions is one of my regular meditations. Reach for Fluorescent Heights from the heavenly bodies at Constellation Tatsu.

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Please feel free to download and share:


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Highway Death was released on tape on Zeon light in 2011.

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New video directed by the very talented Behind the Walk-in.

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My tape on Constellation Tatsu is now out! Order directly from Constellation Tatsu here! I will have copies within a few days aswell!


Also my new album is out now on Sicsic Tapes, will only stock a few copies of this one myself so be make sure you’ll get one order directly from Sicsic tapes, over here.

.. so to order write me to arrange shipping etc ( or try any of the two labels!

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First track from Tidal Motions.

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This is the artwork for Tidal Motions, out january 22nd on Constellation Tatsu.

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